Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brief Detour

Elder Checketts has returned home on a medical release for a few weeks. The mission clock has stopped while he recovers. In order to answer any questions, we are posting some information below.

His medical condition involves pain in his stomach. He has lost 26 pounds as a result from the pain and difficulty eating. His systems are similar to Gastritis. There is a great staff of LDS doctors in Manila and he met with them. They have been unable to find anything wrong like ulcers or gallbladder problems. They believe he is reacting to the food, water, or environment in the Philippines. This happens to a few missionaries.

Missionaries with this kind of reaction usually recover within a 2 to 3 week period in the United States. So we have been asked not to  try any interventions for that time to see if he improves on his own. He has already started to show signs of improvement.

The visas for the India missionaries started to come through the week before he came home.  We were notified that his visa was approved and just received it today.

As soon as he is medically cleared to return, he will go back to India unless the Quorum of the 12 decides otherwise.  Missionaries are in high demand in India right now, so we are very hopeful that he will again return to his Bangalore India mission.

If you would like to visit with him, please contact him through his mission email: zachary.checketts@myldsmail.net.  If he feels well enough to visit he will let you know.

Please keep him in your prayers and thank you for your support.

Ginny Checketts

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