Monday, January 26, 2015

New Mission!


So. This week was awful in the sense that I had to say goodbye to everyone in Rajahmundry but I am really happy to finally be out of there! it has been almost a year in that Village! Well right now I am in the city of Hyderabad waiting for a cap that will come and pick us up tonight around 11 and take us to the airport. So I have been reassigned to the Angeles,Philippines mission! Probably Tagalog speaking. I have heard that that mission is mostly village so I think I will be in a village for the entirety of my mission. I can't complain though. the people in small villages are a lot more humble! Even though they don't speak English! I am really excited and grateful to be able to serve in the Philippines though. Not very many missionaries get this opportunity and it is an awesome blessing! 

Well like I said before this week was rough because I had to say bye to everyone. That was rough. So many amazing people that I have met but I have all of there information and that jazz. It was fun. Brother Srinivas was baptized this week! It was awesome! the brother that was baptizing him had to do it like 5 times though haha couldn't get him under the water. I don't know why, but it ended up being really good! He is a really good guy. He actually has a pretty cool story. For the past 5 years he has been studying the bible trying to find the true church and he talked to one of our members and came and for a couple of months and decided ours was true! Pretty sweet! Well we just ate at Hard Rock Cafe and This time I only Spent 400 rupees! There was a nice buffet with chicken kabobs and biryani! Sooo good! Also ice cream. So nice. Anyways. I have no time. Next time I will be writing from the Philippines! Love you all!

Elder Checketts

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