Sunday, January 18, 2015

Missionary Fireside

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? Everything here is good! 
This last week felt really really long! But it was good! We met with all of our investigators and they are doing well. I am positive that all of them will someday be baptized. So the baptism of Srinivas is postponed until next Sunday because his family wasn't able to come this Sunday. Also we set his wife with a date but we will see. She doesn't speak a word of English. Anyway. They are good. The Mulaparthi family is awesome. They accepted baptism but still won't accept a date. But they are progressing. We just have to get them to church. I guess the father is the one who is stopping the family from coming to our church. So this week we will be focusing more on him. Before we thought it was the mother that was keeping them from doing anything. But yeah. Working on that. Banumathi (Rajesh mom) is solid. She just has to stop drinking tea! Man that is a huge problem here. Everyone and their dog drinks tea and coffee. She stopped taking it yesterday though and so now if she goes this week without and continues she can be baptized. They are an awesome family. 

So we had a missionary fireside this week and it was solid! I was actually surprised at the amount of people that came. We had around 35 or 40 souls! Definitely an improvement from last time there was a fireside which had like 15 there. So we had our Branch Mission Leader organize a message and we got to do the games. It was nice to be able to do that! They gave a really good lesson on faith and talked about the chart in PMG about checking where you are on all of the Christ-like attributes. Way good. Then we had a soccer game  and we split everyone up and some groups and went and played the hand tangle game.. Do you know what I am talking about? like the game where everyone is in a circle and takes a random hand in the circle and you have to untangle yourselves? I dunno. It was fun though and everyone enjoyed it! Also the soccer game was awesome. I wasn't able to play but watching was hilarious. It was a fun activity though. Kind of a nice break from going out every night and walking in on our investigators doing pooja to Joseph Smith. Just kidding. But really that actually happens.... Sooooo yeah.

So this will be my last week in Dowleswarem. I am really sad but really excited at the same time. I have been here for so long! I am now at 7 months! crazy. I am guessing that once I get back form the Philippines they will send me right back to Rajahmundry! No problem though. This place has become my second home and I love it here. The people are amazing and I am really sad to be leaving all the friends that I have made here. But its okay. I will see them again. Someday! Well yeah that basically all thats going on here.... Pretty average week. Well I love you all and I hope you are doing well. 

Elder Checketts

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