Sunday, February 21, 2016

Awesome Week!

Hello everyone! What an awesome week we had! I had a lot of humbling experiences this week. We gave a lot of blessings. So the first one was a sister named Ambika. She is awesome. She has a very strong testimony of the book of Mormon and the Gospel. She went less active a few months ago because both of her kidneys have failed and there are no donors or anything to help her. She goes to the hospital 3 times a week to get taken care of. So we gave her a blessing and hopefully she will start to feel better. Second blessing we gave was to a sisters father who had just had his leg amputated and he was really sick, and had several back problems. When we went to the hospital I just felt sick. It was a building that you would find in a horror movie. Rats everywhere, spider webs all over the place, really dark, all the lights were flickering on and off. They showed us to this brothers room where there were like 7 or 8 beds shoved in there but the brother was lying on one of them alone there. they told us not get get too close to the beds cuz they were all covered in bed bugs. When he saw us he had the biggest smile. It humbled me a lot. Especially when I was feeling bad for myself with the whole stomach problem. We have no idea how much we have to be grateful for. I felt bad leaving that brother he wanted us to stay and just talk for as long as possible. i really hope that he gets out of there okay.

Lots of other really good things happened this week. We had 11 investigators at church! Awesome! I need to tell you about Brother Satyanarayna! This guy is so awesome. So remember Kanaka Raju? he introduced us to his brother in law and this guy is so prepared for the gospel. Before he was full Hindu and was going for pooja all the time. but he told us that he knows that those things aren't right and he wants to come and learn about Christ. So we have taught him the restoration and the plan of salvation. Its crazy he remembers and memorizes everything we tell him. When we reviewed the restoration he remembered like everything and asked for a copy of the restoration dvd so he could watch and better understand. Such an awesome guy. He came to church with his daughter but they had to leave after Sunday school because his daughter was super hungry. Next time we will bring snacks for them! Also we had a lot of other part member families come. The parents of two members came and they enjoyed Sacrament meeting a lot. we had a lot of solid lessons. A lot of the less actives we have been teaching also came. it was a really good week. The work in Visak has been really slow for the past few months. Our Zone had the most productive week that we have had in months so things are looking up!

Welllllll yeah thats all thats happening here! Oh! Happy Birthday Whit!! hope its awesome! Im sorry i just missed it! Enjoy like anything! Haha Everything else here is great. The food is awesome. and I have already gained a couple pounds so hopefully by the time I get home I will be fully fat. Annnd thats all folks. Love you all be safe and happy and always remember to smile! oh also. the Happy Earth day Sister Checketts thing on the cake was just a joke. haha indian sense of humor :) Love yaaaaa

Elder Checketts

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